A Weekend Back In Philadelphia

We just got back from an incredible weekend in Philadelphia. In 2015, we spend a year living in South Philly. We knew we wanted to visit some of our old favorite spaces. The city seems to be the same and we love it. The one new addition where the Inego bikes you can rent, for $10 we got ourselves a day pass and got moving! The day went like this, breakfast at Chaya Cafe, the sunrise eggs on biscuits with lox was so good, Ashley stole some lox. For a late lunch we cycled across town to Frankford Hall for a BIG beer, yup a 1 liter beer. Then we found a new spot for Ice Cream sandwiches called Weckerly's. before heading back to South Philly. Wedding season is right around the corner for us.

Weekend in Witzenberg, Western Cape, South Africa.

After four weeks of traveling, surfing and shooting a wedding and couples in and around Cape Town, Ashley and I found the cutest little house, on Airbnb, tucked away in the Witzenberg Mountains. It is nestled on an apple and pear farm and called Oubos on Ouplaas. The hot tub was the selling point and the hike to the summit of the pass gave us a million dollar view over the Tulbach area.